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Hosea Omughele

Hosea Omughele is the HR Manager TME Evolution300 Limited, he is a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Benin in Edo state, Nigeria. He has an Ordinary degree in photography from the Exthercy school of photography, Lagos. He has worked as a public Relations officer, he was an Editor and a reporter with Independent Television Benin.

He has over 7 years working experience in customer service and the telecommunications Industry.

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Diligence impeccable characters

Image We have a vibrant team of impeccable characters who have diverse experience in Customer Relations / servicing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Human Resources, Communications Strategy Development and BTL Production.

Our Vision benchmark for innovative

ImageTo become a benchmark for innovative, effective and efficient goods and services delivery within the human resources sector and marketing communications / campaign

Our Mission building career

ImageTo add optimum value to building career in creating job opportunities and marketing tasks through a time service and exclusive delivery and at the most affordable rate and minimum risk involve.

Integrity firmness of character

ImageOur strength and firmness of character in employing quality interaction to recruit, engage, connect, involve and convert the core target for our clients/brands is never compromised.