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Privacy Policy

Because of our services, TME Evolution300 Limited has a strict privacy policy that must be adhered to, every information provided on our websites by our clients and customers is strictly protected in confidence. This privacy policy explains how TME Evolution300 Limited collects customers, clients, applicants and visitor’s personal data and information and what it is used for

Most of our services requires some form of registration, this is why Personal Information from our clients, customers, applicants and visitors are important as they enable us deliver relevant information, services and a way to contact them for relevant issues, 

Some of the information TME Evolution300 Limited collects from our online feedback and enquiry forms is used to help develop, improve our quality of service and create ways to serve our clients and customers better.

Customer’s, clients, applicants and visitors personal information such as emails and telephone numbers enable us send relevant information, service promotions, and provide a way to contact them for relevant notifications or information. However, Customers may at any time opt out of receiving emails or text messages from our opt out facility on our website.

Customers can decide to have us delete or remove their personal information from our database or choose to make updates on changes on their personal information, every of such contact should be made to us through our customer support service. All personal information provided on our database are kept in private and confidential and such information are dealt with strictly in accordance with this privacy policy.

TME Evolution300 Limited database is a collection of personal information voluntarily provided by our customers, clients, applicants and visitors as part of doing business with us or registering for our services. Such information may include Customer’s full names, date of birth, address, email and telephone numbers. TME Evolution300 Limited  collects this personal information and uses the details to provide you with our quality services.

TME Evolution300 Limited takes all reasonable steps to protect and keep safe all personal information in our database, this is done to protect the privacy of customers, clients, applicants and visitors and to make sure that every information is protected against unauthorized users, disclosure and third parties

However, TME Evolution300 Limited may be required to disclose personal information of a customer, client, applicant or visitors without their consent, This may occur where we have reason to believe that disclosing that information is necessary

To identify, contact, or bring legal  action against the customer, client, applicant or visitor or another person who may be causing injury to or interference with  either intentionally or unintentionally the rights or property of TME Evolution300 Limited, Other

Required by Law

Visitors less than 18 years of age are not allowed to be listed in our member directory or to receive direct promotional communications from TME Evolution300 Limited or third parties.

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Diligence impeccable characters

Image We have a vibrant team of impeccable characters who have diverse experience in Customer Relations / servicing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Human Resources, Communications Strategy Development and BTL Production.

Our Vision benchmark for innovative

ImageTo become a benchmark for innovative, effective and efficient goods and services delivery within the human resources sector and marketing communications / campaign

Our Mission building career

ImageTo add optimum value to building career in creating job opportunities and marketing tasks through a time service and exclusive delivery and at the most affordable rate and minimum risk involve.

Integrity firmness of character

ImageOur strength and firmness of character in employing quality interaction to recruit, engage, connect, involve and convert the core target for our clients/brands is never compromised.